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oh no...

2010-01-23 15:18:14 by ZonkySporkIguanna

there has been a serious problem...my computer has been wiped...no more flash software, flash games, or porn...sorry, but all of my work that was going to be on newgrounds is destroyed... im afraid i may never submit a flash submission...fml


2009-12-16 21:36:19 by ZonkySporkIguanna

omg!!! why are there files within files within files within files within files within files?! each of them has 2 gig of music in them...what the fuck!!! 32 gig folder of music, i only put about 10 of it on there! what, did they fucking multiply like rabbits? (ahahaha, not doki, pervs) in other news, my epic should be finished within the next month. hopefully just in time for new-year's eve. unfortunaltly, no spoilers. (yes, i know you all hate me, likle i care?).